Spray Foam Roofing

How Can You Improve the Quality of Your Roof?

Spray foam offers durability

If you’re tired of making repairs due to leaks or cracks, spray foam roofing provides a lasting solution. Texas Sprayfoam Company installs spray foam roofing and covers it with an elastomeric paint to keep the foam from oxidizing in the sun. You should have the paint coating redone every five to seven years for lasting protection.


If you’re unsure whether spray foam roofing is right for your Lubbock, Texas area home or business, there are an array of benefits to keep in mind. Spray foam roofing:

  • - Conforms to all roof shapes
  • - Can be applied over almost any material
  • - Increases energy savings
  • - Lasts forever if well-maintained
  • - Resists water, chemicals, UV rays

If you have a gravel roof, the gravel will first be removed. The surface will be cleaned and prepped before closed-cell spray foam is installed. Call 806-790-5926 today for a free estimate on your roofing job in the Slaton, TX area.

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